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Grad FAQs


"Hi, just got my photos in the mail today and they turned out great!! You guys have been really helpful and have provided great customer service, which can be a hard thing to find these days and I so just wanted to let you know that it has been very appreciated. Thanks so much for everything!!" - Chrystal


It's been many long years but finally, you are about to don the intimidating Cap and Gown and join the ranks of graduating students! And of course, you have questions. We have answers! Here's a run-down of many of the Frequently Asked Questions we get from students. Let us know if we've missed anything!


1. What should I wear?

Classic grad photography usually shows a bare throat and collar, so tank tops/undershirts are fine for that look. If the classic bare neck is not for you, a button-downed shirt, well-pressed and professional, looks very good under the gown. A shirt with a tie looks great but if you don't have a tie, don't worry. We have ties, and we know how to use them! You 'can' wear turtlenecks or cowl-necked sweaters, but they tend to look weird under a grad gown.


2. I'm a Nursing Student. Do you supply uniforms?

'Sort of.' We have white tops in many sizes, as well as the nursing cap and pin to complete the look, however if you want to bring your own uniform, we encourage it for best fit. If you were wanting scrubs and stethoscope, please bring your own.


3. What do I need to bring?

We have almost everything you will need here at the studio. Grad cap, gown, hoods for all LU/Con College faculties, degree/diploma (yes, the real deal, not a rolled up piece of paper) and even flowers if you wish. For Nursing students, we have the nursing cap, pin and white tops, but you will need to bring your own scrubs if desired.


4. How much is it?

The sitting fee is $25 + tax, and we take cash, debit or credit. That is due at the time of your sitting. Everything else depends on when you place your print order and whether you place it onlilne or in person. Usually visa or MC is best but totally up to you. We can also do etransfer if that works best. All packages are online for you to see in the Grad Central Online Order Form.


5. Where are you located?

900 Central Avenue, in between Golf Links Road and Balmoral Avenue. Check it out on Google Maps if you're unsure. It's a 2-story river rock stone house with a big parking lot and lots of trees. The first door you see says 'Alan Dickson Photography' so come on in! The coffee is usually on and the odds are good that there will be at least one Golden Retriever on hand to greet you!


6. How long do you keep the proofs?

Forever. After a few months, we burn all grad images to a DVD and archive them. But please don't wait too long - it's a pain to have to look them up! 


7. Do I have to have them mailed?

Not at all. We print all the packages right here, and if you pick them up yourselves, you save $10 - that's the price of lunch at the Foundry! We're all in favour of food.


8. Why should we go with your studio and not the other studio that also shoots Elementary and High schools?

Because we don't shoot Elementary and High schools. We shoot lawyers and teachers and doctors and you. We give students the same professionalism and high quality images as we would any of those professions. Our studio is the best in Thunder Bay and you benefit from 32 years of really great photography. Our prices are the same, if not better, than the 'other guys', our work is stellar, our turn around time is hours, days or weeks compared to weeks and months.

We are completely local and not a branch of a vast American corporation. You are a student, not a number and here, we treat you that way. 'Nuff said.


9. Can I bring a friend? Can we get shots together? Can I bring my favourite stuffed animal?

Absolutely! Friends and family are most welcome. If you're on the Thunderwolves or the debate team, if you go spelunking or spend your time painting, you are free to bring something that reflects your unique lifestyle as a student. The best ones we'll share on facebook and you'll be a star, if only for a few minutes!


10. I have no money. Can I just order 1 8x10 or do I have to order a package?

As you can see from our Online Order Form, we have no minimum order. If all you want is a sheet of wallets, that's all you need to order. And since we keep the images forever, once you do get a killer job and want to fill your wall with photos of yourself, we can help with that. We're all about the decor.


11. Can I buy a DVD of my images or do I have to buy a package first?

You can buy the DVD or a Digital Download of full rez images for $99.


12. Can I substitute sizes in the packages?

Yes you can. An 8x10 = 2 5x7s = 4 4x5s = 8 wallets. It's a little tricky to fill that in on the Online Order Form, so just order your package and send me an email immediately following (or call 807-345-6704) and let me know of your substitution. We're good that way.

 Also, just so you're aware, the photos are printed in bulk to save you money. So, each sheet will be printed as a sheet, therefore not cut. It takes time to cut all the 5x7s, 4x5s and wallets, and of course, we have to pay someone for their time to do that. So, to pass that savings on to you, we don't cut them. We assume that, since you've come this far, scissors are a no-brainer. That said, if you'd like them cut, let us know and we can do that for you at no extra charge.


13. What types of payment do you accept?

Cash, interac, visa, mastercard or e-transfer.